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2024 Yearly Design Drive

2024 Yearly Design Drive

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This drive STARTS to get added to on December 1, 2023. There will be at least 30 designs added per month, designs can include t shirt, tumbler or seamless. Business designs do NOT get added to the drive. $2 Tuesday and Collab designs so NOT get added to this drive.

Please check out with a Gmail email to be added to drive. You will be added to drive and receive an email with invitation within 24 hrs of purchase. Weekends/Holidays NOT included you will be added the following business day.

→ Join us on Facebook at @RAANDesigns 

This item is a Digital Download. This means no physical item will be sent.

Terms of Use

🗹 I do not offer refunds on digital items. 

🗹 All designs, images, and clip art are the intellectual property of RAAN Designs Inc. All copyrights remain with RAAN Designs Inc.

🗹 You are the only licensed user of the design you’ve purchased. It may not be shared with anyone at any time in any format. NOT with friends, NOT with people on the internet, not in a different format, not with a little something changed. You get the idea. 

🗹 You may, however, use my watermarked pictures to gather interest. 

🗹 By purchasing RAAN Designs Inc. downloads, you agree to read and abide by our Terms of Use. 

Leads and information regarding anyone abusing these terms of use are rewarded. Let me know if you see anything sketchy. You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours. 


❤ Physical Items (shirts, tumblers, stickers, home decor, planners, etc.)

❤ Selling transfers - LICENSE IS REQUIRED

Please always watermark over your previews to protect RAAN Designs Inc.


 Sharing with others. You are the only licensed user. Selling, Sharing, Giving away for free or for profit, Gifting, Phone Dumping, Sending to a friend, or random internet groupie is all prohibited. And will result in immediate removal from drive, all social medias and banned from future purchasing through RAAN Designs Inc.

 Changing the file format and sharing or selling 

⚠ Sharing with other users to create a custom design or transfer for you

⚠ Changing a color, a pattern, a shape, and reselling as your own. OR changing ANY part of RAAN Designs Inc. designs.

⚠ POD use. RAAN Designs Inc. should not be used with any 3rd party printing service without permission. 

These designs are created and sold by RAAN Designs Inc. All designs are digitally trademarked. Sharing, selling or giving away designs WILL be met with a cease-and-desist order and legal action taken. Designs may not be altered or edited in any way. Designs can be printed and put on physical products. A license will be needed to sell transfers. (Sublimation, screen print, DTF)


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